C168/200s Ready and Media lamps blinking simultaneously

Ready and Media lamps blink simultaneously indicates an error occurred due to misuse of media (labels), please see below for the possible causes and recommended solutions:

     I.       Media Ran Out

Please load a new roll of media, and press the “Cancel” button to resume printing, or press the “Feed” button to resume printing after reprinting one copy of the last printed label before media ran out.


     II.      Continuous Media Used

Media calibration is not needed when printing on continuous media.

Since continuous media has no gaps/ notches/ holes between neighboring labels, performing media calibration will cause the sensor to report an error. To solve the problem, “continuous” must be selected as the media type in the label sofware, please follow the steps below to operate:

In BarTender, click the “print” button “Document Properties” “Stock”“Media Type” “Continuous”.


Note: Do save the label template after driver settings changed, or they will recover at the closure of the label file.


     III.     Incorrect Media Installation

Please reinstall the media referring to the Quick Start Guide found in CD-ROM.


     IV.     Media Not Calibrated

Media calibration is always required for labels with gaps or marks when a roll of media with new dimensions is loaded. Please calibrate the media following steps below:

     Turn on the printer, press and hold the “Feed” button for 4 seconds until the printer starts to feed.

     The printer will feed approximately 200mm of media, 3 indicators will blink simultaneously.

     Media calibration is done after the three indicators stop blinking.

Pay close attention to the position of the media sensor if the labels have multiple columns, as showed in picture below.



     V.      Unsupported Media Used

The media sensors are photoelectric sensors, which detect the media by receiving the light signal through label gaps or reflected by label liner. If the liner is too thick or in too deep color, the media sensor may fail to detect this kind of media.

Note: Transmissive sensor is better for detecting media with holes. To enable it, please turn on the fifth Dipswitch as showed in picture below, and restart the printer.


     VI.     Dirty Media Sensor

Please clean the media sensor with anhydrous alcohol and rerun media calibration.

Note: Turn off the printer while cleaning.


     VII.    Faulty Media Sensor

If all above solutions cannot solve the problem, it probably indicates a faulty media sensor. Please contact an Authorized Service Provider for diagnosis and service.