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Label Rewinder

External Media Rewinder


  • Provides a customized solution for rewinding needs.
  • Auto-adaptive torque technology with anti-skid functionality allows automatic adjustment to rewinding speed, to a maximum of 10 ips.
  • Optimizes productivity resulting in cost saving efficiencies.
  • Overview

The R120 External Rewinder (Patent Pending) is the perfect compliment to the exceptional performance of Postek Thermal Barcode Label Printers. The R120 features auto-adaptive torque technology. It will work with any label whose core size is 1-3 inches. With the R120 working in tandem with Postek printers, productivity will be optimized resulting in cost savings efficiencies.

The R120 External Rewinder is yet another example of Postek's customer's needs driven philosophy. How to take full advantage of the outstanding performance offered by Postek printers led to the R120.

The best truly got better.

R120 External Media Rewinder

Max Rewinding Speed

10 ips (254 mm/s)

Label Width

0.98 – 4.72″(25 mm – 120 mm

Label Diameter

OD 8″(203mm),ID 3″(76.2mm)


W 220mm * D 268mm * H 230mm 


4.2 kgs

Power Rating

12VDC ± 5%

Operation Enviornment

Temperature: 0~ 40℃,
Relative humidity: 5% ~ 85% non condensing


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